School-Day PSAT and SAT

School-Day PSAT and SAT for Seattle Public Schools Students

Seattle Public Schools contracts with the College Board for the school-day PSAT and SAT only. The district—as a single entity—does not contract with the College Board for Saturday testing.

If a school chooses to serve as a test site and administer the SAT on a Saturday, they are contracting with the College Board independent of the district. For any issues concerning Saturday testing or rescheduling due to cancellations, please contact the coordinator at your student’s school or the College Board directly. 

SPS School Day SAT and PSAT on October 13, 2021

  • All 12th grade students will take the SAT
  • All 10th and 11th grade students will take the PSAT
  • Students will be automatically registered for the tests
  • Check out the College Board website for FREE test prep resources
  • Contact your high school counselor or academic intervention specialist for additional information

About the SAT

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is the most widely used college admission test in the country. SAT scores are one tools used to demonstrate student college and career readiness.  

The school-day administration offers these benefits:

  • For 2021-22, all of our seniors will be automatically registered for the exam. No action is required of families in advance.
  • No cost. Families and students will not be charged for the test, which normally carries a minimum cost of $57. The school-day test is free.
  • Students may also send up to four score reports for free. The school-day test permits students to send score reports to as many as four colleges or scholarship programs.

Additional pathway to graduation. A qualifying score on the SAT can be used as a graduation pathway.

About the PSAT

The (Preliminary SAT) PSAT provides valuable feedback on strengths and the skills necessary for college study . Students can then focus their preparation on areas that could most benefit from additional study or practice. The PSAT measures critical reading skills, math problem-solving skills and writing skills.

Gives insight on how a performance on an admissions test compares to others applying to college .Helps students prepare for the SAT. Students will become familiar with the kinds of questions and the exact directions they will see on the SAT.

Could help juniors qualify for scholarships . The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) for juniors is a program co-sponsored by the College Board and National Merit Scholarship Corp. (NMSC).

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities (SSD)

Accommodations may be available for the PSAT/SAT for students with documented disabilities in a 504 Plan or IEP.  Parents must initiate the request for accommodations by completing the consent form and submitting it to the school’s SSD coordinator with the necessary documentation.  From that point, the SSD coordinator will make the formal request to the College Board for approval.  Accommodations may include extra time, separate setting, or large print booklets.  Consent Form for Accommodations Request

More information

Questions about specific administration details should be directed to the testing coordinator at the student’s school.

Additional information about the PSAT, the NMSQT, and the SAT can be found by visiting the College Board website.

A Student Guide to the PSAT/NMSQT, including a practice test, was offered to each sophomore and junior through their home school. The College Board website also has practice tests and personalized study options, all free of charge.