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Advanced Learning

Eligibility Process

Advanced Learning Eligibility Decisions for 2022-23 to be Shared in May

We are committed to transforming the Advanced Learning program, so every student, particularly Black, Brown, and Indigenous students, has access to the learning services that help them thrive. This includes changing how we decide who is eligible for Advanced Learning services and when we are sharing eligibility information with families.

This year we used multiple sources of information to determine eligibility, including a family/guardian survey, teacher input, grades, and state standardized test scores.

When will families know if their child is eligible?

All student eligibility decisions were sent by email in early May 2022.

Next year’s (2023-24) eligibility process will begin in the fall and decisions will be made by February’s Open Enrollment.

What are the Advanced Learning services being considered?

Highly Capable (HC): Students are working well above the grade level. These students have two options:

  • Remain in their current school and receive differentiation within their classroom or
  • Start next year in a cohort pathway school. In a cohort pathway school, students receive accelerated instruction with other HC students (a cohort is a group of students).

Advanced Learner (AL): Students are working above grade level. These students show a need for extended learning opportunities within their current school.

Continuing Advanced Learner (CAL): Students were Advanced Learners last year and will continue as AL next year.

Not Eligible (NE) in this Review: Students either did not have enough data or their data did not currently show them in need of HC or AL services. 

Process Steps

Beginning in the 2022-23 school year, every student in grades K-8 will be automatically considered for advanced learning services. We’ll be using multiple sources to determine eligibility, which include:

  • Responses to the Advanced Learning Family/Guardian Survey
  • Input about students from their teachers
  • Classroom grades and assessments
  • Standardized test scores

Students in grades 9-12 are referred using a portfolio process. 

  1. The Advanced Learning (AL) Department will review all responses to the Family/Guardian Survey.
  2. Details will be shared with the Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee, which is made up of trained educators and other professional staff such as counselors.
  3. The committee will also review input about students from their teachers, and look at classroom grades and assessments, and standardized test scores.
  4. After a thorough review, the committee will decide which students are eligible for services.
  5. Eligibility decisions will be emailed (or mailed to those without email) to families.
  6. Results can be appealed. More information is available on the appeals webpage.

School Choice

Newly eligible Highly Capable Cohort (HCC) must submit the School Choice form by May 31 to opt into their designated pathway. Families who have not received their students’ Advanced Learning eligibility yet can still submit a choice form for their HCC Pathway School during the School Choice window.

Submit your School Choice form through The Source. This is the fastest and most convenient way to submit a choice application for current students. If you do not have an account or access to The Source, view choice forms on School Choice.

Waiting on eligibility decisions? You can complete the School Choice Form, as follows:

  • In spot one, place the school you would have your student attend if they are not found eligible for Highly Capable.
  • In spot two, place the school you would have your student attend if they are found eligible for Highly Capable.

The Advanced Learning Department encourages families to use Open Enrollment to request your Pathway School Choice. If your student is not found eligible for Highly Capable, the choice form will simply be processed as such.