Seattle Public Schools

African American Male Achievement (AAMA)


 African American Male Advisory Committee 

The African American Male Advisory Committee officially formed in June 2016. The African American Male Advisory Committee’s (AAMAC) roots go back to the original African American Male Think Tank, a group that authored six initiatives whose purpose was to improve the quality of life and education for all African American males within Seattle Public Schools.

Throughout 2016-17, the AAMAC made an in-depth review of the issues surrounding African American male achievement.

The mission given the AAMAC was to provide guidance on how to best transform our educational system so that we are ensuring educational excellence for all students, particularly our African American males. 

Committee Process and Community Input

The African American Male Advisory Committee held monthly meetings. Concurrently, sub-committees met to go deeper and to address areas that were identified as critical. Committee members were encouraged to provide honest insight to the issues that both prevent and enable the personal and educational development of African American males within Seattle Public Schools.

By design, members were encouraged to bring their unique story to each meeting and by doing so, foster a space for reform, justice and solutions. 

Recommendations to Superintendent

Written recommendations and ideas have been generated and vetted by community members and committee members. Accordingly, the AAMAC has included long-term policy recommendations coupled with short-term tools that can be employed immediately to empower the community to leverage the good work that is already taking place.