Seattle Public Schools

Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan Priority: Inclusive and Authentic Engagement

Black atom iconSeattle Public Schools will proactively and consistently work in partnership with students, families, and communities to best meet the needs of students of color who are furthest from educational justice. In doing this work, the district will form partnerships to identify needs, determine solutions, and support the implementation of the initiatives needed.

We will use culturally responsive ways to engage so we build trusting relationships and empower the voices of those who can help us meet these needs.


As a district, we value listening to and learning from our community. We will seek ways to make sure all voices can be heard, especially those that might be underrepresented in our community. While much work will be done in this area, we are focusing on two goals under this priority.

  • Students of color who are furthest from educational justice will have meaningful voice and leadership in school and district initiatives
  • Families and communities who represent students of color furthest from educational justice will have meaningful voice in school and district initiatives.

How we measure progress

To determine if we are making progress on seeking and engaging with our diverse communities, we will look at growing not only representation and participation, but also ask specific questions about how we are doing in engaging with our students, families, staff, and community.

  • Representation in school-based leadership groups
  • Student participation surveys
  • Family participation surveys
  • Community partner participation surveys
  • Presence in community (e.g., # of meetings in community/feedback loop)