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School Board District Redistricting

Seattle School Board of Directors Redistricting

Seattle Public Schools is currently redistricting the Seattle School Board Director districts. This means we’re redrawing the boundaries of existing school board districts. This process will not affect where students go to school.

What are School Board Director Districts?

The Seattle School Board is made up of seven director positions covering different geographic areas in the city. Map of the seven director districtsHowever, all School Board Directors serve all SPS schools and are elected citywide in the general election.

Director district boundaries are different from school attendance area boundaries. This redistricting process will not affect where students go to school.

Requirements for Director Districts

Seattle Public Schools is required to redraw the boundaries of its seven Board of Directors’ districts every 10 years, following the U.S. Census. The Seattle School Board is now undertaking a redistricting process to ensure the director districts are of nearly equal population utilizing 2020 U.S. Census data. 

This redistricting process will only impact the boundaries for director districts, within which directors elected in 2023 and subsequent elections must reside and for which voters must reside for the primary election. All directors are elected citywide in the general election and are charged with serving on behalf of the entire district. 

Under state law, the Seattle School Board is divided into seven director districts that must be of nearly equal population, as compact as possible, consist of geographically contiguous area, not favor or disfavor any racial group or political party, and, to the extent feasible, coincide with existing recognized natural boundaries and, to the extent possible, preserve existing communities of related and mutual interest.

Population, for purposes of director districts, refers to census population data and is not a measure of the number of Seattle Public Schools students that reside within each director district, the number of registered voters, or concentration of schools within a given region of the city.

The Seattle School Board, and other jurisdictions not scheduled to hold elections this year, must prepare a plan for redistricting by November 15, 2022.

Provide Feedback on Director District Redistricting

Tell us about your community

The redistricting process will redraw the boundaries of existing director districts to ensure population is more evenly distributed, but these revisions will not just be based on population. To the extent possible, the new boundaries will be drawn to preserve existing communities of related and mutual interest.

The Board’s Executive Committee has selected a draft redistricting plan from among three map options developed by the district’s redistricting consultant, FLO Analytics. The draft redistricting plan is being published here for public comment. 

Draft Redistricting Plan

Board Action Report for the Draft Redistricting Plan (provides map, population data, and supporting analysis)

Share Your Feedback

Please share your feedback through our Let’s Talk form on the draft redistricting plan and communities important to preserve in the redistricting process.

Timeline for Director District Redistricting

August – November 2022

Redistricting consultant FLO Analytics has been hired by the district to analyze current director district population data and develop potential redistricting maps that align with legal requirements. The following are planned dates for providing public comment on redistricting and for the School Board’s consideration. The information on this page and the following timeline will be updated as the redistricting process progresses.

Aug. 24 Executive Committee Meeting: Briefing on redistricting process for the School Board’s Executive Committee

Aug. 31 Regular Board Meeting: Presentation on redistricting process by FLO Analytics. View the calendar entry for this meeting.

Sept. 21 Executive Committee Meeting: The Committee considered a Board Action Report providing three potential maps developed by FLO Analytics for the district’s draft redistricting plan.

The Committee reviewed the three scenarios and selected scenario 1 to recommend to the Board as the district’s redistricting plan. Two other maps, scenario 2 and scenario 3, were considered as alternatives but not recommended by the committee . Online Scenario Viewer.

Sept. 21: Draft redistricting plan posted to this webpage for written public comment through Let’s Talk. Please share your feedback through our Let’s Talk form

Sept. 28 Regular Board Meeting: Board Action Report for redistricting plan introduced to the School Board and public comment taken remotely and in-person through a public hearing.

Those wishing to provide testimony during the public hearing may sign up in-person at the hearing at the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence. In-person testimony will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis according to the sign-up sheet at the public hearing. Testimony will also be accepted remotely by phone from those who sign up in advance to provide remote testimony through the remote testimony sign-up form. Remote testimony will be taken following the conclusion of in-person testimony by dialing 206-800-4125 and using Conference ID 912 100 566#. View the calendar entry for this meeting.

October: Redistricting plan, if revised, posted to this webpage for additional written public comment through Let’s Talk

Oct. 26 Regular Board Meeting: Board considers action on final redistricting plan and public comment taken remotely and in-person through a public hearing. View the calendar entry for this meeting.

Nov. 15: Legal deadline for School Board approval of redistricting plan