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4270 Lead Community Partners

It is the policy of the Seattle School Board to encourage partnerships between Seattle Public Schools and the community.  Partnerships fall into different categories, and in certain schools the Board invites a deeper and more intensive partnership with a Lead Partner that is selected to work collaboratively with the principal, staff, community, and other partners in support of school and District goals.   

The selected Lead Partner may be a community based organization, institution of higher learning, public agency, or other  entity that demonstrates its ability to serve in this capacity.  The partner must demonstrate the ability to collaborate with, and between, the school community and other partners; set high expectations for all students; embrace diversity; work to connect school and community assets; and share accountability for results. 

A Lead Partner is defined as: 

An entity selected to serve as the central point of contact between the principal, school community, and other partners.  This partner is given the responsibility for doing an annual school needs assessment; identifying gaps in service; convening regular meetings of other partners; engaging the school, students, families, and wider community in determining how to collaboratively meet student and school needs in order to reach school and District goals; and other responsibilities as outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding or contract. 

It shall be the responsibility of the Lead Partner to develop agreements with other organizations and agencies, with input from the school community and District, and in accordance with Superintendent Procedures. 

The school and District shall articulate the resources, assets, and qualities desired in a Lead Partner and shall go through an open process to select a partner qualified to fulfill this role.  The School Board may have the opportunity to review, approve, or terminate an agreement at a regularly scheduled meeting in instances where:  

  • The agreement meets or exceeds $250,000; 
  • It is determined that a school, the Superintendent, or the School Board want to select one partner to have a level of autonomy to work with a principal and school to coordinate other partners; 
  • The agreement is for more than one year. 

Lead Partners, along with District and school staff, will determine measureable outcomes related to the mission of Seattle Public Schools and individual school goals, which will be monitored through an annual reporting process. If the partnership is not demonstrating a substantial positive impact, or for other reasons is determined to be unsatisfactory, SPS reserves the right to terminate the partnership.   

The Superintendent is directed to develop procedures to implement this policy.