Seattle Public Schools

4200 School Visitations and Maintaining Safe and Orderly Environments

It is the policy of the Seattle School Board to encourage school visitation by parents/guardians, family members, and adult members of the community in order to observe the educational program, provided that only minimal disruption of the program occurs. Such visitation shall occur in conformance with specific District and administrative procedures and is considered authorized. 

Unauthorized persons on district property are considered trespassers. District property includes, but is not limited to, district buildings, school buildings, school grounds, school sports facilities, school buses, and other premises being used for a school-sponsored event. 

Visitors whose purpose is to influence or solicit students shall not be permitted on the school grounds unless the principal or designee has determined that the visit furthers the educational program of the District or the career or educational aspirations of the student.  Persons recruiting for post-secondary options, including colleges, employers, and the military are not considered solicitors for the purposes of this policy. 

When high schools permit military recruiters to speak with students regarding military career opportunities, the school must provide equal access for organizations that wish to counsel alternatives to, or provide additional information about, military service. If literature encouraging military service is displayed for students to read or pick up, groups counseling alternatives to military service may similarly display their literature. 

If any person is under the influence of illegal and/or controlled substances, including marijuana (cannabis), or alcohol or is disrupting or obstructing any school program, activity, or meeting, or threatens to do so or is committing, threatening to imminently commit or inciting another to imminently commit any act which would disturb or interfere with or obstruct any lawful task, function, process or procedure of any student, official, classified or certificated staff member or invitee of the school district, the Superintendent or staff member in charge shall direct the person to leave immediately. If such a person refuses to leave, the Superintendent or staff member shall immediately call for the assistance of a law enforcement officer. 

Persons removed from campus or whose presence on campus has been limited or restricted by the Superintendent or staff member in charge shall have the right to appeal that removal via the district’s complaint process, outlined in Board Policy 4220.  Persons aggrieved by the final decision of the district following the complaint process outlined in Board Policy 4220, may appeal the decision to the King County Superior Court.  

The Superintendent is authorized to develop procedures to implement this policy, as necessary.