Seattle Public Schools

4140 Collaborative Governance Structures

It is the policy of the Seattle School Board that the district encourage and facilitate, through the implementation of collective bargaining agreements or other applicable procedures, the formation and ongoing functioning of collaborative school and program governance structures (i.e. Building and Program Leadership Teams). The governance structure will be formed to work with the building principal or program manager to improve student achievement and will include family and community representation as appropriate.  

It is the intent of the School Board that these governance structures will determine clear and transparent decision-making processes that work best for the school or program. As those impacted by decisions should be given an opportunity to participate in decision-making, the membership of these governance structures shall reflect, to the extent possible, the diversity of the staff and community of the school or program. Governance structures shall be open to input from other organizational groups or committees (i.e. PTSAs or Building Equity Teams). 

Collaborative governance structures will recognize and observe existing policies and procedures, collective bargaining agreements, other District agreements, and applicable laws.