Seattle Public Schools

4060 Distribution of Information

Sending Information Home with Students 

Items from these sources may be sent home with students: 

  1. Officially approved district materials, or those official materials generated within a school building. 
  1. Official school parent group materials 
  1. Monthly bulletins, newsletters, and notices, such as a school newspaper or Parent-Teacher-Student Association newsletter 
  1. Items pertaining to fundraising activities 
  1. Information from non-profit organizations or community groups, if the information has been approved by the Communications department 

Officially Approved District Materials are those that have been approved by the appropriate Assistant Superintendent or designee for distribution to the schools and/or administrative offices. This includes materials generated from outside the Seattle School District from government agencies as well as those issued by the School Board and the district administration. 

Officially Approved School Parent Group Materials are materials from the parent group which is recognized as the group representing the parents of students attending a school or program, i.e., PTSA, parent organization. 

Items Pertaining to Fundraising Activities

  1. Activities conducted by Associated Student Body organizations or subgroups thereof may send information home with students provided that the material clearly indicates that participation in the fund-raising event is not required – that it is optional; and the information regarding the expenditure of the funds received is provided. (Also see the student activities manual). 
  1. Activities sponsored by a school’s official parent group  

The Communications department will review all materials submitted by outside organizations for distribution to students or for placement in a school.  Information from outside groups will only be permitted from registered non-profit organizations that conduct business within the boundaries of Seattle Public Schools and does not constitute advertising. Final discretion to distribute information at the schools lies with the principal or designee. 

Production of Materials for Distribution 

Schools cannot use their facilities or their employees to produce materials designed to promote commercial patronage or any other non-district activity. 

The Superintendent is authorized to develop procedures for this policy, as necessary.