Seattle Public Schools

4000 Public Information Program

The district shall strive to maintain effective two-way communication channels with the public.  Such channels shall enable the Board and staff to interpret the schools’ performances and needs to the community and provide a means for citizens to express their needs and expectations to the Board and staff. 

The Superintendent shall establish and maintain a communication process within the school system and between it and the community. Such a public information program shall provide for a district annual report, news releases at appropriate times, news media coverage of district programs and events, and regular direct communication between individual schools and the patrons they serve.  The public information program shall also assist staff in improving their skill and understanding in communicating with the public. 

Community opinion may be solicited through parent organizations, parent-teacher conferences, open houses and other such events or activities which may bring staff and citizens together. At times, Board meetings may be scheduled at neighborhood schools. Survey instruments and/or questionnaires may be developed in order to gain a broad perspective of community opinion. 

The Board is a nonpartisan public body and as such shall not endorse political candidates. Neither staff nor students shall be asked to disseminate campaign materials from the schools nor shall any of the district’s facilities or communications services be used to disseminate such material. 

The Superintendent is authorized to develop procedures to implement this policy, as necessary.