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2180 Nutrition Education and Nutrition Promotion

Acknowledging the relationship between nutrition, lifelong health and academic performance, it is the policy of the Seattle School Board that nutrition education and nutrition promotion opportunities are provided to all students with the goal of improving attitude and behavior regarding healthy food choices.  

Within the budgetary limitations of the district, nutrition education and nutrition promotion opportunities will: 

  1. Be provided as part of a sequential, comprehensive, standards-based Health Education program designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote and protect their health;  
  1. Be incorporated into health & physical education classes and other relevant subjects; 
  1. Include developmentally-appropriate, culturally relevant, participatory activities that may include contests, promotions, taste tests and school gardens. 

The Superintendent and his/her designee is authorized to develop appropriate procedures for the proper planning, funding, approval and implementation of all activities offered within the above guidelines.