Seattle Public Schools

1822 Training and Professional Development for Board Members/Participation in School Directors’ Association

Training & Professional Development

In keeping with the need for continuing professional development to enhance effective governance, the Board encourages Directors to participate in appropriate Board conferences, workshops and conventions. Additionally, Directors will obtain the trainings required by Washington state. Funds for Board leadership training and professional development will be budgeted for on an annual basis.

Required Training for School Board Directors

There are three areas of training required by Washington state:

  • Open Government training,
  • Cultural Competency, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training, and
  • Tribal Consultation training.

Open Government Training

The Board recognizes the value of meaningful, informed public participation in district deliberations and the need to conduct its affairs in a transparent manner.  All Board members shall participate in trainings regarding: 1) the Open Public Meetings Act; 2) the Public Records Act; and 3) Public Records Retention, within ninety (90) days of taking the oath of office following election or appointment. They can take the training before they are sworn in or assume their duties of office. After the initial trainings, Board members will participate in refresher trainings on these subjects every four years that they hold office in order to remain current with new developments in open government law. 

The documentation of the Board members’ completion of the required trainings will be maintained by the Board Office and district archives.

Cultural Competency, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training Each Director shall complete a governance training program once per term of elected office. If the Director is appointed or elected to a first term of office, the

Director must complete governance training requirements within two years of appointment or certification of the election in which they were elected.

The governance training completed by Directors must be aligned with the cultural competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion standards for school director governance developed and provided by the Washington State School Directors’ Association. Per Washington state law, the required training elements for both first and subsequent school director terms are defined by the Washington State School Directors’ Association.

Tribal Consultation Training

Beginning September 1, 2024, Directors must take and certify completion of the tribal consultation training and must, at a minimum, renew the certification of completion of the training every three years.

Recommended Professional Development for School Directors

In addition to the required areas of training above, the district is committed to ongoing professional development both for individual Directors and the Board as whole. Each Director is a member of the Washington State School Directors’ Association, which provides professional development and resources at its annual conference and through year-round leadership development services for individual Directors and Boards.

Participation in Washington State School Directors’ Association

As required by law, the Directors are members of the Washington State School Directors’ Association. The association establishes the rate of membership dues at its annual meeting.