Seattle Public Schools

1640 Responsibilities and Authority of the Superintendent

In order to carry out its responsibilities, the Board employs a Superintendent of Schools as its Chief Executive Officer and as the Chief Administrative Officer of the district and shall delegate to the Superintendent such powers as are required to manage the Seattle Public Schools in a way consistent with Board direction and policy and state and federal law.  The execution of all decisions made by the Board concerning the internal operation of the school system is delegated to the Superintendent.  The Superintendent is accountable to the Board. 

The Superintendent shall: 

  1. Be the Chief Executive Officer of the school district.  
  1. Carry out and ensure compliance with all policies of the Board of Directors through administrative procedures. 
  1. Consistent with Board policies, take appropriate administrative action. 
  1. Recommend adoption of new policies and revision or elimination of outdated policies. 
  1. Provide professional leadership for the educational program of the schools, formulating necessary developments in policies governing curriculum and instruction and presenting them to the Board for its consideration. 
  1. Develop a system for evaluating the academic performance of the district and presenting it to the Board for its consideration. 
  1. Regularly report to the Board all aspects of the district’s educational program. 
  1. Formulate and administer a program of supervision for the schools. 
  1. Recommend candidates for election as principals or teachers and other certificated positions.  
  1. Be responsible for assignment of all personnel within the district. 
  1. Formulate and administer a means of evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of staff members and report findings to the Board as required. 
  1. Administer programs of maintenance and operation of school properties. 
  1. Develop and present plans for the improvement or expansion of buildings and site facilities needed to properly provide for an adequate educational program.  
  1. Negotiate collective bargaining agreements for approval by the Board. 
  1. Prepare courses of study for approval by the Board. 
  1. Recommend instructional materials for approval by the Board. 
  1. Prepare and present reports on the educational program as required. 
  1. Prepare and submit the annual budget. 
  1. Direct all purchases and expenditures for the district, in accordance with Board policies and within the limits of major appropriations approved by the Board. 
  1. Provide annual management oversight reports on major school district programs as required by Policy No. 1010. 
  1. Plan and prepare measures to keep the community and the legislature informed about school matters. 
  1. Maintain an accurate inventory of district property and equipment. 
  1. Inform the Board of appeals and carry out rulings.  
  1. Serve as Secretary to the Board of Directors.