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Sugiyama School Profile

Service School

Alan T. Sugiyama High School’s mission is to provide educational experiences in a highly responsive environment for high school age students. We provide a supportive, caring and stable atmosphere. Students receive encouragement and guidance to complete the courses needed to graduate. All classes are multi-graded and support the developmental and academic needs of our students in a family atmosphere.

School Leadership and School Board District

Community Partners at Sugiyama Community Resources and programs at Sugiyama High School

High School Renamed in Honor of First Asian American Member of Seattle School Board

In September 2020, the School Board voted to recognize local lifelong education advocate Alan T. Sugiyama, with the renaming of South Lake High School to Alan T. Sugiyama High School at South Lake.

Mr. Sugiyama spent his life advocating for racial justice and educational for all people. While a college student, he advocated for Asian Americans in local colleges and formed the first Asian American student unions at Seattle Central College and then at the University of Washington. In 1979, he founded the Center for Career Alternatives, which focused on providing education and job training.

In 1989, Mr. Sugiyama became the first Asian American on the Seattle School Board, where he advocated for equity in Seattle Public Schools during his two terms.

The renaming of the school is the culmination of four years of work, spearheaded by Dr. Laura Davis- Brown, Dr. Joe Powell, and the South Lake Community, and is a celebration of a new era for the school which is creating a culture of voice and choice for its students and providing an enduring example to students of how one person’s actions and determination can break down barriers to racial and educational equity.

Mr. Sugiyama believed that all persons need and deserve a second, and sometimes third opportunity and he promoted determination and compassion while standing up to institutional systems of racism.

The school Believes, Inspires, and Empowers their students, and they Remix how their students navigate Education.

Mr. Sugiyama passed away in 2017 at the age of 67, but his legacy lives on at Alan T. Sugiyama High School at South Lake.

Continuous School Improvement Plan (C-SIP)

Alan T. Sugiyama High School C-SIP

The Continuous School Improvement Plan (C-SIP) is an action plan for each school that identifies the areas a school plans to focus on in the current and coming school year, the performance goals they want students to achieve, and how the school plans to collaboratively meet these goals.

The plans are updated regularly to reflect the strategies being used at each school. This document also serves as the school-wide improvement plan for our Title I schools.

School and Building Reports

School Report

Alan T. Sugiyama High School School Report

School Reports show a brief snapshot of a school’s academic growth, student climate, accountability, family and staff engagement, and overall school performance. School reports are produced by the State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for each school and district in the state and updated periodically throughout the year as data becomes available.

On state assessments, students who are expected to participate but do not, such as absences or opting out, are counted as non-proficient. This may affect the school’s overall proficiency rating.

Questions about school reports? Contact the Research and Evaluation Department

School Climate Survey

Alan T. Sugiyama High School Climate Survey

School Climate Surveys are used for school-level improvements, climate surveys are given to all staff, students and families each year. The staff and student surveys are given to respective groups in person at schools; the family survey occurs in the spring.

Building History

Alan T. Sugiyama Building History and Information see South Lake

Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA)

Surveillance of known asbestos in the Alan T. Sugiyama building is performed every six months by a designated person to assess the condition of the Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM). Six-month assessment results are maintained by the district.

As required under AHERA, Alan T. Sugiyama High School must maintain an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) and keep it on file at the school. The AMP is available for review during school hours, Monday through Friday. For additional information, please contact:

Wendy Couture
Environmental Health and Safety Manager

Discipline Dashboard

As part of Seattle Excellence, Seattle Public Schools’ Strategic Plan, the district is committed to interrupting disproportionate practices in discipline. To support this work and to increase transparency and accountability, the district has created and published public facing discipline dashboards for each school which became available on November 1, 2021.

Discipline dashboard data reflects the current school year and will be updated quarterly throughout the school year. For questions or concerns, please reach out to the school leader for a specific school.

Academic Year: Current academic school year.
Accessible/Default: Click here to switch to an accessible version of the dashboard.
Actions by Month: Count of disciplinary actions by month and exclusion type.
Actions: Count of disciplinary actions for an exclusion type.
Attribute: Student Attribute (gender, race/ethnicity, special education served, 504 plan)
Days: Count of exclusion days for an exclusion type.
Days of Exclusion: Count of exclusion days.
Discipline Rate: Count of students with at least one disciplinary incident divided by count of all enrolled students.
E. Expulsions: Count of emergency expulsions for a student attribute.
Enrolled: Count of enrolled students.
Exclusion Actions: Count of exclusionary actions for a student attribute.
Exclusion Days: Count of exclusion days for a student attribute.
Exclusion Type: Short-term suspension (SS), Long-term suspension (LS), Emergency expulsion (EE), In-school suspension (IS), Expulsion (EX), and Interim alternative education setting (IA).
Exclusionary Actions: Count of exclusionary actions.
Expulsions: Count of expulsions for a student attribute.
FERPA Compliance: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Compliance. *
Incidents by Day of Week: Count of disciplinary actions by day of week.
Incidents by Grade: Count of disciplinary actions by grade.
Incidents by Hour: Count of disciplinary actions by hour.
Incidents by Exclusion Type: Count of disciplinary incidents for an exclusion type.
Incidents by Student Attribute or Support Service: Count of disciplinary incidents. Incidents are counted as many times as there are students involved.
Incidents per 100 Students: Count of disciplinary incidents divided by enrolled students and then multiplied by 100. Incidents are counted as many times as there are students involved.
Rate: Discipline rate for an exclusion type.
School Name: School name.
Students: Count of students with at least one disciplinary incident.
Suspensions: Count of suspensions for a student attribute.
Weapons: Count of disciplinary incidents in which a weapon was involved.

* Please note: When a group has fewer than 10 enrolled students, all values for at least the two smallest groups are suppressed.

Alan T. Sugiyama High School Levy Projects


Levy Approved: 2001

The $398 million Building Excellence II (BEX II) was approved by Seattle voters in 2001 to replace the expiring BEX I Capital Levy. It paid for renovation or new construction of schools throughout the district.

Project Description

This project constructed a new stand-alone facility for South Lake High School on the South Shore site.

  • Building Size: 32,000 gross square feet
  • Capacity: 200 students
  • Site Size: 11.4 acres (shared with The New School, now South Shore K-8)
  • Estimated Cost: $14.4 million
  • Completion: September 2008
  • Architect: BLRB Architects, p.s./Streeter & Associates Architects
  • Contractor: Commercial Structures, Inc. (CSI)

About BEX

The Building Excellence (BEX) Capital Levy funds projects such as those that modernize or replace aging buildings, fund technology for student learning, address earthquake and safety issues and major preventive maintenance needs throughout the district.

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