COVID-19 Dashboard

2021-22 Seattle Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard

Overview: The district’s Business Intelligence and Health Services teams partnered to design a public-facing dashboard showing confirmed COVID-19 cases at Seattle Public Schools. Refreshed weekly on Mondays by the end of the day, this dashboard disaggregates (dividing data into parts) cases by region, week, and role to provide an understanding of the pandemic across the district.

You may find it helpful to select full screen by clicking the arrows on the bottom right of the dashboard .

Contact us : If you have difficulty accessing this dashboard or have questions or concerns, please contact Seattle Public Schools by emailing us at


  • Confirmed case exposure may not have occurred within Seattle Public Schools sites.
  • The dashboard automatically defaults to the 2021-22 school year beginning on September 1, 2021. If you wish to see data for the prior year, please adjust the date filter in the top left corner (available data goes back to September 4, 2020).
  • Fridays were determined to be the best day to finalize new data for the prior week, as well as incorporate any necessary corrections to existing data. For this reason, weeks are defined as Saturday-Friday.
  • Currently, individuals with confirmed cases are represented once in the dashboard. The attributed location represents the primary exposure site for each case.
  • Dates in the dashboard reflect the date of notification for each positive case.
  • Complete data is not always available for each case. When applicable, we will indicate that data is incomplete with notes. Unknown dates, for example, are denoted by an asterisk (*). Case counts will be updated retroactively if new information becomes available.
  • Because of its unique staff-only population, the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence (JSCEE or Central Office) is considered its own entity.
  • The “Other” region is made up of sites that include non-traditional learning environments (e.g. Bridges Transition), as well as other administrative facilities (e.g. B.E.X. Ellis Warehouse).
  • Current student counts are up-to-date as of the most recent Friday.