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Universal Screening for Advanced Learning Services

Summary: Seattle Public Schools Advanced Learning team refers all kindergarten through eighth grade students to be screened for Advanced Learning services.

Universal Screening

Seattle Public Schools (SPS) Advanced Learning services provide identified students with extra support to help them grow their strengths and work at more complex levels.  

To ensure all students have access to Advanced Learning services, SPS refers all kindergarten through eighth grade students to be screened. This process is called universal screening. This screening is used to determine possible eligibility for services.    

What is Advanced Learning?   

Advanced Learning services provide support for student achievement and growth. This includes more assignments and activities that are more complex and challenging.   

What is Universal Screening? 

Educators and the Advanced Learning team will review every student’s academic assessments in December.  

The screening process will help identify students who may be eligible for AL services. The process helps to ensure all students are considered.  

Student academic information will vary by grade level, and you can find details about the assessments on the webpage linked below. 

What Happens Next? 

If the screening results show your student may be eligible for services, you will receive a letter and a parent/guardian permission form. This permission form will let SPS know if you agree to have your student evaluated for Advanced Learning services.  

It will need to be signed and returned to the Advanced Learning department. This evaluation will not include more testing but will include all information available in your student’s SPS file. 

Can I Refer My Student? 

Yes. Although students are all included in the universal screening process, parents and guardians, teachers, and staff can refer a student to be evaluated. The link to refer a student for evaluation is located on the webpage below. 

The Advanced Learning team is dedicated to honoring and supporting the brilliance of every SPS student! 

We collaborate with our community to ensure access and success for every student, especially those furthest from educational justice including BIPOC students, English language learners, and students receiving special education services.   

Please read more about universal screening, student assessment percentiles, Advanced Learning timeline for evaluation, and how to refer your student on the Advanced Learning webpage.  

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