Metro League and 2023 Football Schedules

Summary: The Metro League leadership team will convene the week of May 30 to consider changes for football schedules.

Metro League Football Schedule and Metro Tiered Division Model

This spring, Seattle Public Schools (SPS) heard from our community, in particular Lincoln High School athletes, about their concerns regarding the Metro League football schedules for the 2023 schedule. SPS acknowledges the many expressions of concern from community regarding Lincoln athletes. The district’s leadership team has reviewed each message. 

We are pleased that the Metro leadership team is being responsive to community feedback as they convene their group the week of May 30 to consider changes for football schedules and, potentially, the tiered division model.  

Each day, the SPS Athletics Department coordinates with all SPS middle and high schools to provide valuable experiences for student athletes. For all athletes, competitive sports are part of a high school experience that allows them to learn, grow, and thrive. Their safety on and off the fields, courts, and arenas of play is a top priority. 

The Metro League is a collaboration of athletic directors, school principals, and building leaders from SPS schools as well as private schools in the region. Decisions regarding the tier division model for football are made by the Metropolitan Executive Activities Committee. 

Looking ahead, SPS will await to hear the Metro Leagues decision regarding 2023 football schedules and Metro tiered division model. 

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