Justice for George Day

Summary: Justice for George is a day to remember George Floyd and call for funds to be directed towards social programs and education.

A week of action can lead to a year of purpose. Students and teachers districtwide are encouraged to participate in the national Year of Purpose 2022.

Since its inception in 2016, Black Lives Matter At School has provided students with the opportunity to examine social justice and equity in education through lessons and resource materials. In addition to the BLM at School Week of Action (January 31 – February 4, 2022), educators, students, and parents are encouraged to participate in ongoing activities and reflection throughout the school year to create a Year of Purpose.

October 14 is George Floyd’s birthday and Justice for George Day/#TeachTruth. Justice for George is a day to remember him and call for funds to be directed towards social programs and education. We will teach the truth about structural racism and other forms of oppression.

The Seattle Public Schools Department of Liberatory Education believes we all have a moral and ethical obligation to teach all our children in a way that liberates their minds, bodies, and spirits. A life of self-actualization must be grounded in truth, the truth that people across space and time have value and deserve to hear their true stories taught in school. For too long education has elevated one story over all others and the detrimental impacts of this continue to create inequities across all areas of life. By teaching truth, we create a more just and humane world.

Black Lives Matter At School Week is an educator-generated week of action and commitment to ensuring students thrive in welcoming environments. The lessons aim to help students understand inequities based on race and to promote the belief that every person has a responsibility to work for equity as a core idea.

Seattle Public Schools serves approximately 53,000 students that are diverse in every way. District leaders have implemented programs to foster a culture of safety and affirmation of our students of color. SPS is working to dramatically improve academic and life outcomes for students of color by disrupting the legacies of racism in our educational system.

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