Husky Clubs at West Seattle

Summary: West Seattle Elementary’s Husky Clubs give students the opportunity to learn about topics they enjoy with teachers and peers who share similar passion

Husky Clubs teach skills that reach beyond the classroom 

At West Seattle Elementary, students spend their Wednesdays in Husky Clubs where they create art, practice yoga, play Ultimate Frisbee, explore journalism, and more.  

Husky Clubs are an opportunity for students to learn about topics they enjoy with teachers and peers that share a similar passion. 

“[The clubs] bring a lot of joy to the school day for students and staff,” said Hanna Ory, academic intervention specialist at West Seattle Elementary.  

School staff started the clubs almost a decade ago as an after-school program. They now take place during the school day so all students can participate.  

A group of students plays basketball on a playground

Nekeya Jeffcoat, a first-year Queens of Excellence Husky Club teacher, enjoys spending time with her students and teaching them how to be strong leaders. 

“Our girls are learning how to empower themselves through leadership, through advocacy, and through being with peers and being able to have that social interaction to learn from each other,” said Jeffcoat.  

Akim Finch, Kings of Excellence Husky Club teacher, said he loves to teach his students “life skills, listening, and following directions and expectations.” He’s also noticed how much his students love to perform, so he’s given them the opportunity to practice those skills.  

“One of the key things [the students] like to do is perform. So, I’m just turning on the lights, so to speak, in their performances,” said Finch. 

The school currently has 19 clubs for students to participate in and they continue to expand based on student and staff feedback.  

A group of students work on art projects in a classroom

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