Seattle Public Schools

Bike and Walk Month

Summary: May is Bike and Walk month and there are lots of ways to join in the fun!

SPS is Celebrating Bike and Walk Month with Walk, Bike, and Roll Groups

Some school communities chose daily or weekly walk, bike, and roll groups to school. Groups can help students and families build connections, reduce traffic and pollution near schools, and ensure that students arrive on time, awake, and ready to learn.  

These schools are organizing walk, bike, and roll groups to school (first time groups in bold): 

  • Broadview-Thomson K-8
  • Dearborn Park Elementary
  • MLK, Jr. Elementary (in partnership with Mercy Housing)
  • Orca K-8
  • Bryant Elementary
  • Dunlap Elementary
  • Green Lake Elementary
  • Wing Luke Elementary
  • John Muir Elementary
  • South Shore PreK-8
  • Viewlands Elementary
  • West Woodland Elementary
  • Whitman Middle

To support safe riding skills and to ensure young riders know the rules of the road, some schools help students practice biking in and outside of the classroom. Bike Rodeos (bike obstacle course activity) are a tool to teach riding skills and reinforce what students learn in PE class during the Bike and Pedestrian Safety Education (Let’s Go) unit. Bike Rodeos and in class activities can also be a great way to celebrate Bike and Walk month that includes students who can’t bike, walk, or roll to school. 

These schools are supporting student riding skills in and outside of class: 

  • Alki Elementary 
  • Bryant Elementary 
  • Dunlap Elementary 
  • McGilvra Elementary 
  • Sanislo Elementary 
  • South Shore PK-8 
  • West Woodland Elementary 
  • Whittier Elementary 

Many other schools are celebrating by giving away prizes to walkers, bikers, and rollers; tracking walk and bike minutes throughout the month; or playing bike and walk bingo. These schools include:  

  • Adams Elementary 
  • Arbor Heights Elementary
  • Louisa Boren STEM 
  • Cedar Park Elementary 
  • Concord Elementary 
  • Dearborn Park Elementary 
  • Eckstein Middle 
  • Gatewood Elementary 
  • Bailey Gatzert Elementary 
  • Genesee Hill Elementary 
  • Hawthorne Elementary 
  • Lawton Elementary 
  • Licton Springs Elementary  
  • McDonald Elementary 
  • John Muir Elementary 
  • Stevens Elementary 
  • View Ridge Elementary 

Want to be a part of it?