Seattle Public Schools

Web Services

How to Become a Website Editor

Requirements for Website Editing Access

SPS staff and volunteers can complete the requirements listed below to gain access to edit their school’s website or department’s webpages. Please complete all requirements and then email when you are done.

An SPS email address is required to edit the SPS websites. If you do not have one, please reach out to and we will help you get one set up.

The web editing training courses are available in our online learning system, NEOED LEARN. The courses are asynchronous, meaning you can take them at any time. You will need an SPS email address to access the courses.

  • Department editors need to take one course:
    • SPS Web Editing 101A
  • School Editors need to take two courses:
    • SPS Web Editing 101A
    • SPS Web Editing 101B

Learn how to enroll in NEOED courses (login required)

If the link above does not work for you, please email for support.

Please ask your school’s principal or department/division manager to fill out the Website Access Permission Form.

They will need your first and last name and email address to submit the form.