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Student and Community Workforce Agreement

Project Administrative Committee

SCWA Project Administrative Committee


The Student and Community Workforce Agreement (SCWA) for Seattle Public Schools (SPS) has established a Project Administrative Committee (PAC). The PAC helps SPS and signatory Unions with decision making and problem solving on SCWA-covered projects. The PAC is composed of SPS and Union representatives. Prime Contractors attend to report and aid in discussion.

The PAC discusses labor issues, impacts and solutions related to the SCWA. The PAC will discuss work progress and workforce needs, priority hire performance, apprentice and preferred entry utilization, safety and other topics related to the SCWA. Parties who are not signatory to the SCWA are not members on the PAC, but may observe in the audience.

The PAC seeks maintains its focus on job site issues and to avoid contributing to any disruptions for a project, as well as aiding in project progress through early discussions and interventions. Concerns raised in the PAC will be given proper review while maintaining job progress.


SPS will chair the PAC. SPS and Unions each have one vote. When in disagreement, they may by mutual agreement, appoint an impartial third party to break the tie with a third vote.

Prime Contractors on active SCWA-covered projects shall attend the PAC and report on work progress, workforce needs, worksite safety and priority hire and workforce diversity performance.

SPS Project Managers who have an active Covered Project shall attend monthly PAC meetings, shall be prepared to discuss project issues relevant to the SCWA. If the Project Manager is unable to attend a PAC meeting, a another SPS representative with project knowledge related to the SCWA may participate in their place.

Regular Agenda

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Contractor presentation of project work progress, metrics, demographics, priority hire utilization reports and pending issues, needs or concerns.
  • Discussion from all parties
  • Identify and discuss labor compliance issues
  • Identify and discuss Safety/grievances
  • Identify and discuss old/unfinished/new business
  • Closing good of the order

Public Participation

Community members, subcontractors, pre-apprentice program leaders and other interested parties are welcome to attend and observe PAC meetings. They will receive the PAC reports and materials, but will not hold a voting position.

For questions or to seek further information, please email