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School Learning Garden Network

The School Learning Garden Network is a collaboration with Seattle Public Schools Self Help Projects, Tilth Alliance, and IslandWood.

SLGN hosts annual events to engage with school garden coordinators, volunteers, and educators towards advancing outdoor greenspace opportunities for all students.

Upcoming Events

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Farwell to Winter Workshop 2024

Saturday, March 2, 2024, 9-12PM @ Chief Sealth High School Library

Please join us for SLGN’s “Farewell to Winter” Workshop on March 2nd, from 9am-12pm in the Chief Sealth Library and courtyard. When you attend, you can look forward to morning refreshments, time spent in good company while gardening together, Indigenous teachings about strawberries (including starters for your school’s garden), tips on low-maintenance garden design + companion planting, a freedom-dreaming visualization exercise, and more.  We are deeply thankful to our key collaborators, including Neli Jasuja with Young Women Empowered (Y-WE) of Marra Farm, Sharon Siehl of Tilth Alliance, Celina Steiger of Islandwood, and Nyema Clark of Nurturing Roots. This event will also be sponsored by Nurturing Roots, so a HUGE thanks to them for ensuring we can come together to stay inspired, resourced and connected this year. 

RSVP here to attend the “Farewell to Winter” Workshop. We are limited to 50 participants.

Presentation Archive




  • Root Bound: Growing a Revolution, Nyema Clark, Founder and Director of Nurturing Roots  
  • Stories from the Garden, Nicole Parish, Foxberry Garden Educator, Patty Lavelle, Jane Addams Garden Educator 
  • Learning in Places, Following the Rhizome: Designing Equitable Models of Field-Based Science, Dr. Priya Pugh, UW Bothell, Jordan Sherry-Wagner M.Ed., UW Bothell 
  • Dr. Flowers; Or, How to Build Plant-Conscious Relations with Nat Mengist, M. Ed., UW Bothell
  • Education & Leadership Panel Discussion: School Garden and Farm Education Resiliency in the face of COVID and Systemic Racism, Cary Peterson, Farm Manager, South Whidbey School Farms, Sharon Siehl Program Director, Tilth Alliance, Laura Plaut Executive Director, Common Threads Farm 
  • What is a Rain Garden, and is a Rain Garden or Cistern Feasible for my School Site?  Bill Malatinsky, Seattle Public Utilities/ Rain Wise, Celina Steiger, IslandWood 
  • Protecting Our Salmon: Understanding Schoolyard Green Infrastructure Kas Kinkead, Osborn Consulting
  • Creating a Pollinator Paradise Kimberly Leeper, Working with Nature