Seattle Public Schools

Secondary Mathematics

Middle School Mathematics

Content and Standards

Our middle school mathematics program, guided by Washington State Standards, provides a balance of: 

  • Conceptual Understanding (know why
  • Procedural Skill and Fluency (know how
  • Problem-Solving and Applications (know when

Throughout middle school students will: 

  • Explore the concept of number within and beyond whole numbers, fractions, and decimals 
  • Investigate what it means to be in proportion to develop the idea of linear relationships shown through tables, graphs, and equations 
  • Measure and calculate parts of two- and three-dimensional shapes 
  • Develop statistical thinking 

In 2018, Seattle Public Schools adopted enVision Math as its core curricular material for middle school mathematics.  

Courses and Enrollment

Students are enrolled in the next course in sequence from 5th to 6th grade and through middle school. For details about math progressions see Examples of Math ProgressionsTransition from Elementary to Middle School, and Math Enrollment/Course Progression FAQ on the district middle school math webpage. 

Supporting Mathematics Learning at Home

Families can support learning at home by: