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Course Progressions

Mathematics Course Progressions

As students transition from elementary to middle and middle to high school, students and families often have questions about what math course progressions will be available to them. Seattle Public Schools (SPS) is committed to making sure that every student who wants to take advanced coursework in mathematics has the opportunity to do so. To ensure that all students receive instruction in the foundational K-8 math standards that lay the groundwork for algebra and high school math courses, students will be enrolled in the next math course in the sequence based on their previous year’s math course enrollment.

SPS students will begin their math career with kindergarten math standards and complete one set of course standards each year. Each course standards in elementary school are aligned with the Washington State Mathematics K-12 Learning Standards. Students will follow this learning and course trajectory through Math 6 (6th grade math). Starting in 7th grade, students will have course options. Students can choose courses that align to their high school and beyond plans.

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