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Seattle Central College hosts an SPS Open Doors program through Learning Center Seattle (LCS) which focuses on helping students improve their lives through one-on-one education advocacy, GED prep instruction, and case management services as well as tuition-free college to earn up to an AA-degree at any of the Seattle Colleges.LCS supports the statewide objectives of the Open Doors program by placing students in a college setting and creating a pathway for those who are credit deficient to receive GED prep instruction with the goal of earning a GED.

The Open Doors program at LCS is free of charge to eligible students, who are 16 to 21 years old and have not completed high school but want to earn their GED and go on to college, technical training and/or start a career.


To enroll in the Open Doors program through LCS, students must

  1. be between the ages of 16 and 21 (as of September 1),
  2. not have met high school graduation requirements, and
  3. be credit deficient.

Additionally, a student must have been withdrawn from their last high school and have been released from their resident district and accepted by the SPS District, if SPS is not the student?s resident district.

A student retains eligibility in the program until

  1. the student earns a high school diploma,
  2. the student earns an Associate degree, or
  3. the student has turned 21 before September 21.

Learn more about the Learning Center Seattle on the Seattle Central College website.

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