Seattle Public Schools

Health Services

Students with Health Conditions

Life-Threatening Health Conditions

Washington State law requires that when there is a student with a known life-threatening health condition, schools must be prepared for a life-threatening event on the day the student starts school. After July 1 for the upcoming school year, please complete the Authorization for Medications Taken at School form and take needed medication(s) to the school before your child’s first day of attendance. Contact your school nurse to create/update your child’s health plan.

Significant Medical Condition or Disability

If you believe that your child has a health condition that requires daily attention of a school nurse, administration of non-oral medication during the school day, a procedure requiring the skill of a licensed nurse, or a fragile condition requiring the daily assessment of a school nurse, please contact the Student Health Services program manager 206-252-0752 prior to selecting a school.

Information to assist with school selection

Home/Hospital Instruction

Home / Hospital Instruction is a state (OSPI) program that provides funding for schools to provide limited scholastic support to students with a health issue. To qualify, students must be expected to miss at least four (4) weeks of school, but no more than eighteen (18) weeks. In case of chronic illness, the services can be intermittent.

Home Hospital forms

Transportation for Medical Reasons

Students who live within the walk zone but who have a medical condition that makes transportation necessary. This may be used for short-term or long-term conditions and must be renewed each year.

Medical Transportation Application

This cannot be used to serve Special Education students for conditions related to their qualifying condition. Contact Special Education in those cases.

Students with Disabilities

If your child has a disability s/he may qualify for services under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. For more information, please see the following procedures and forms for the identification, evaluation and provision of services to 504 students.

Students with Extraordinary Nursing Needs

Seattle Public Schools offers regionally placed schools with full time nursing services for students who require professional nursing on a regular basis.  List of Level B schools by region.

Diet Prescription for Meals at School

Students who need special school meals due to the student’s disability or chronic medical condition must have a Diet Prescription completed and signed by the student’s health-care provider.

Forms may be requested by contacting Culinary Services at 206-252-0675 or you can download the Diet Prescription forms online.

Completed forms can be dropped off at the school lunchroom or mailed to:

Seattle Public Schools Culinary Services
MS 32-372
P.O. Box 34165
Seattle, WA 98124