Government Relations

Government Relations

Government Relations in Seattle Public Schools is focused on promoting student learning by ensuring students, families, staff members and schools have the resources and services they need to effectively educate every child.

Ongoing Activity in Seattle Public Schools

  • Developing an annual legislative agenda for Seattle Public Schools
  • Communicating with local, state and federal officials about the district's initiatives and legislative goals

State Legislative Priorities

Seattle has four priorities for the 2021 session:

  1. Stable funding
  2. Counseling and Social Emotional Supports
  3. Restorative Justice
  4. Access to Learning

SPS 2021 Legislative Priorities 

The District's Role

The district is actively lobbying our legislature to fully fund education. However, we are legally prohibited from encouraging the public to lobby on our behalf .

School Board members and SPS staff serve as advocates for Seattle Public Schools at the local, state and federal level. Part of the group’s work is to speak on behalf of all children and youth before governmental bodies and other organizations. 

In order to comply with state and federal rules, School Board and staff work with members of both political parties in order to enact change. When Seattle School Board members or district staff participate in legislative activities that educate lawmakers about officially adopted School Board positions or support a particular piece of legislation that is in agreement with the adopted legislative program, it is done on a strictly non-partisan basis.


We encourage interested students, parents, staff and community members to learn about the issues facing public education in Washington state. This webpage provides important information and links regarding the legislative work in Olympia as well as our county and city. It is important for our school system and society to have an informed and engaged citizenry.

Who represents you?

Find which congressional and legislative districts you live in and information about your local legislators at the Washington State Legislature's District Lookup

Find current elected officials in Washington state at


Washington's U.S. Congressional Delegation

Legislative information from the Library of Congress

U.S. Department of Education



Local advocacy groups