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Department of Racial Equity Advancement Staff

These are the dynamic individuals that collectively make up DREA:

Manal Al-ansi, MAT, Esq.
Director of Racial Equity Advancement

Manal Al-ansi, MAT, Esq. joined SPS as the Director of DREA in 2019. During the pandemic, Manal has taken on a dual role that includes serving as the Director of the Integrated Curriculum Department to help ensure Black Education and the Ethnic Studies Program has a stronger infrastructure for support and advocacy. Born in Ethiopia and raised in Seattle, Manal has worked and strategized for anti-racist systems change and Black liberation movements from positions within her community and within government institutions for over a decade. As a former SPS kid herself, she is excited to return as a professional and support the advancement of Racial Equity, anti-racism, and pro-Blackness in SPS.

Teresa Jordan
Senior Administrative Assistant

Teresa Jordan works in partnership with the Director of DREA and alongside the DREA team. In addition, she also supports the Ethnic Studies program. Teresa enjoys working for a department and district that is committed to ensuring educational and racial equity. Teresa is inspired daily by her husband and only daughter. In her free time, Teresa likes to choreograph dances with her daughter, create new designs for her online business and reconstruct clothing. One of Teresa?s favorite quotes is: ?Life has two rules: number 1, never quit! Number 2, always remember rule number one.? ?Duke Ellington

Nichole Coates
Racial Equity Program Manager

Nichole is responsible for supporting DREA programs, policies, and initiatives to build capacity and foster alignment of anti-racist actions and outcomes across SPS. She specifically supports the RET program in schools and the CORE teams at Central Office. Nichole is passionate about advancing principles, polices, practices and goals that center the brilliance, assets and needs of black and brown students, staff and families, while actively dismantling the systems of oppression within our systems that act as barriers. She is constantly inspired by the incredible folks moving this work across SPS. In her spare time, she also loves creative writing, exploring all of the incredible natural and cultural offerings the region has to provide, and chasing after her dog.

Conrad Webster, Ed.D
Racial Equity Advancement Advisor

Dr. Conrad Webster is a critical race theorist, writer, organizer, facilitator, professor, an education consultant from Houston, TX. Dr. Webster came to DREA in 2020 after serving as a College Preparatory Advisor for the College Success Foundation and adjunct professor at Pierce College. Dr. Webster focuses his free time on Black male empowerment, social justice, education, mental health, mentorship, business, and finance. If it?s part of your healing he will cover it. Currently, Dr. Webster serves as a DREA Advisor and Adjunct Professor for Academy of Rising Educators for SPS, and is responsible for building leadership racial capacity through a critical race theory lens to analyze common practices and procedures within SPS Central Office.

Todd Bittle
Racial Equity Specialist

Todd joined DREA in 2021 and is responsible for coaching and collaborating with site-based Racial Equity Teams, leading culturally responsive professional development, and collaborating with district-level partners to disrupt institutional racism. He is excited about working in SPS and DREA because he is positioned to work in collaboration with Racial Equity Teams to make permanent, impactful change for EACH and EVERY one of our marginalized students and communities. Todd recently completed the Educational Leadership and Policy program at UW and is a proud member of the 33rd Cohort of the acclaimed Danforth School. He is also a relentless traveler, coffee aficionado, and lifelong learner.

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