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SPS Career Connected Learning

What is Career Connected Learning?

Career connected learning is a career awareness program for rising Seattle students to explore careers, meet a variety of industry professionals, and build an initial career and education plan. Business partners and students can become involved through service-learning projects, work experience, and internships.

Career connected learning can be:

  • a businessperson visiting a classroom to talk about what they do
  • a job shadow where a young person learns more about an occupation or business.
  • an internship or a registered apprenticeship where youth are paid while they learn hands-on skills.

Career Connected Learning Coordinators provide students with information on careers, post-secondary education opportunities, administer career assessment tools, plan on-site presentations and workshops, manage communication and organize career fairs.

Career Connected Learning Partnership Continuum

At Seattle Public Schools, we are committed to providing students with the most relevant career experiences and transferable skills that can lead to career opportunities in any these seven career pathways:

  • Arts, Design and Graphics
  • Culinary and Hospitality
  • Business, Marketing and Accounting
  • Health and Medical
  • Skilled Trades
  • STEM and Agriculture
  • Education and Human Services

Level 1 Career Connection: guide students to develop, plan, carry out, and evaluate projects that help them discover their strengths and then develop and practice career-ready skills.

Level 2 Career Exploration: students can gain insight into potential careers. Students learn what skills are necessary for a particular career and what those who are in the profession do as part of their job. With this information, students can imagine themselves in careers that suit them

Level 3 Career Launch: Work based programs with aligned classroom learning that culminate in a post-secondary credential, producing a competitive candidate for meaningful employment. For Partners: Launch206 Business Mentor Questionnaire

Level 4 Career Support: Removing barriers, overcoming obstacles, and working towards supporting students to discover their career passions.

Career Connected Learning Coordinators (CCLCs)

Career Connected Learning Coordinators provide students with information about jobs, internships, worksite learning, career pathways and post-secondary education opportunities. These teachers can administer career assessments such as Naivance, plan on site presentations and workshops, manage schoolwide internship communication, recruit pathway speaker panels and implement career fairs.

Our main goal is to create sustainable student internships by setting learning goals and creating the space for students to achieve post secondary goals. The CCLCs offer a variety of services to help students correlate classroom learning with the world of work in order to make informed life planning decisions.  

  • Provide opportunities for students to attend approved internship programs leading to enhanced career opportunities with priority placement in high wage high demand careers.
  • Enhance employability and industry transferrable skills and increase student awareness of career opportunities and pathways.
  • Reduce barriers for students by providing access to CTE programs through flexibility in scheduling and program locations.
  • Support students in developing their High School and Beyond Plans.

CCLCs By School

Long term sub: Crystal Welander


Teacher and Worksite Learning Coordinator: Brent Martin

Website: Ballard High School


NORTH Region Siphia Mann, contact:

SOUTH Region Katherine Meyer, contact:,

CENTRAL Region Lilna Givan-Williams, contact:

XIP Website

Center School Career Center

Teacher and Worksite Learning Supervisor: Wyn Pottinger,

Website, Communications and Worksite Learning Supervisor: Ed Rho,

Cheif Sealth Career Center Site

Teacher and Worksite Learning Coordinator: Linda Filley Bentler


Website: Cleveland High School

Teacher and Worksite Learning Supervisor: Lenny Haynes


Teachers: Barb Lynch and Eric Faulkner

Worksite Learning Supervisor: Savanna Willis

Long Term Sub Isak Bressler

Teacher and Worksite Learning Supervisor: Catherine Smith

Teacher and Worksite Learning Supervisor: Karina Luboff


Contact: Katie Searle,

Teacher and Worksite Learning Supervisor: Lura Ercolano

Teacher and Worksite Learning Supervisor: John Thornton

Teacher and Worksite Learning Supervisor: Jennifer Spigner

Teacher and Worksite Learning Supervisor: Geoff Bolan


Contact Katie Searle,

Teacher and Worksite Learning Supervisor: Bill Butler

Teacher and Worksite Learning Supervisor: Danso Gyamerah

Summer Launch206 Teacher (2 positions available), Dates June 27th to August 5th

Combination Job: 1.0 Skill Center + ATS + District Office, to start immediately

Garfield High School, 1.0, Career Connections and WSL, to start immediately

Lincoln, TBD

Roosevelt, TBD

Contact: Katie Searle,

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