Seattle Public Schools


Field Locations

SPS Field and Resource Locations

These following addresses are resources for student-athletes and their families. Note game locations are subject to change based on weather and schedule changes. To confirm game times and game locations, contact your school.


Athletic Complex Locations

Memorial Stadium401 5th Avenue NSeattle98109
Northeast Complex (NEAC)10750 30th Ave NESeattle98125
Northwest Complex (NWAC)1819 N 135th StreetSeattle98133
Southeast Complex (SEAC)8815 Seward Park Avenue SSeattle98118
Southwest Complex (SWAC)2801 SW Thistle StreetSeattle98126
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School Field Locations

Aki Kurose Middle School3928 South GrahamSeattle98118
Ballard High School1418 NW 65th StreetSeattle98117
Blaine K-8 School2550 34th Avenue WSeattle98199
Boren STEM K-8 School5950 Delridge Way SWSeattle98106
Chief Sealth High School2600 SW Thistle StreetSeattle98126
Cleveland High School5511 15th Avenue SSeattle98108
Denny Middle School2601 SW Kenyon StreetSeattle98126
Eagle Staff Middle School1330 N 90th StreetSeattle98103
Eckstein Middle School3003 NE 75th StreetSeattle98115
Franklin High School3013 S Mt Baker BlvdSeattle98144 
Garfield High School400 23rd AvenueSeattle98122
Nathan Hale High School10750 30th Avenue NESeattle98125
Hamilton Middle School1610 N 41st StreetSeattle98103
Ingraham High School1819 N 135th StreetSeattle98133
Jane Addams Middle School11051 34th Avenue NESeattle98125
Madison Middle School3429 45th Avenue SWSeattle98116
McClure Middle School1915 1st Avenue WSeattle98119
Meany Middle School301 21st Avenue ESeattle98112
Mercer Middle School1600 Columbian Way SSeattle98108
OrcaK-8 School5215 46th Avenue SSeattle98118
Rainier Beach High School8815 Seward Park S Seattle98118
Roosevelt High School1410 NE 66th StreetSeattle98115
Salmon Bay K-8 School1810 NW 65th StreetSeattle98117
TOPS K-8 School2500 Franklin Avenue ESeattle98102
Washington Middle School2101 South Jackson StreetSeattle98144
West Seattle High School3000 California Avenue SWSeattle98116
Whitman Middle School9201 15th Avenue NWSeattle98117

Park Field Locations

Amy Yee Tennis Center2000 MLK Jr Way SSeattle98144
Genesee Park4316 S Genesee StreetSeattle98118
Georgetown Playfield750 S Homer StreetSeattle98108
Gilman Playground923 NW 54th StreetSeattle98107
Hiawatha Playfield2700 California Avenue SWSeattle98116
Interbay Golf Course2501 15th Avenue WSeattle98119
Interbay Stadium3027 17th Avenue WSeattle98104
Jackson Park Golf Course1000 NE 135th StreetSeattle98125
Jefferson Park3801 Beacon Avenue SSeattle98108
Jefferson Park Golf Course4101 Beacon Avenue SSeattle98108
Judkins Park/Playfield2150 Norman StreetSeattle98144
Laurelhurst Playfield4544 NE 41st StreetSeattle98105
Lincoln Park8011 Fauntleroy Way SWSeattle98136
Loyal Heights Playfield2101 NW 77th StreetSeattle98117
Magnuson Park7400 Sand Point Way NESeattle98115
Meadowbrook Playfield10533 35th Avenue NESeattle98125
Miller Playfield330 19th Avenue ESeattle98112
Montlake Playfield1618 E Calhoun StreetSeattle98112
Queen Anne Bowl Playfield2806 3rd Avenue WSeattle98119
Rainier Playfield3700 S Alaska StreetSeattle98118
Riverview Playfield7226 12th Avenue SWSeattle98106
Tennis Center Sand Point7135 Sportsfield Drive NESeattle98115
Solstice Park7400 Fauntleroy Way SWSeattle98136
Soundview Playfield1590 NW 90th StreetSeattle98117
Steve Cox Memorial Park1321 SW 102nd StreetSeattle98146
Van Asselt Field7050 Beacon Avenue SSeattle98108
Volunteer Park1247 15th Avenue ESeattle98112
Walt Hundley Playfield6920 34th Avenue SWSeattle98126
West Seattle Golf Course4470 35th Avenue SWSeattle98126
West Seattle Stadium4432 35th Avenue SWSeattle98126
Woodland Park1000 N 50th StreetSeattle98103

Pool Locations

Ballard Pool1471 NW 67th StreetSeattleWA98117
Evans Pool7201 East Green Lake Drive NSeattleWA98115
Evers Pool500 23rd AvenueSeattleWA98122
Madison Pool13401 Meridian Avenue NSeattleWA98133
Meadowbrook Pool10515 35th Avenue NESeattleWA98104
Queen Anne Pool1920 1st Avenue WSeattleWA98119
Rainier Beach Pool8825 Rainier Avenue SSeattleWA98118
Southwest Pool2801 SW Thistle StreetSeattleWA98126