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Curriculum Alignment

Science Curriculum Alignment

High School Science Alignment

Improving diversity in science and STEM-related career fields requires focus on K-12 learning opportunities. A change in Washington state science requirements for high school graduates is a step toward sowing the seeds of diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

Beginning with the freshmen class (Class of 2021), all Seattle Public Schools high school students will be required to have three credits (three years) of science courses to meet Washington state standards . This is an increase from the requirement of two science credits for those who graduate in with the Class of 2020.The first two years of science will provide a strong underpinning of science content and skills to open up several pathways for the required third year so that ALL students can succeed and follow their interests.

In addition to the additional course work, students will be required to pass the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science as a graduation requirement at the end of their junior year. This examination will be based on the new Washington State Science Standards (also known as the Next Generation Science and Engineering Standards) which were adopted in 2013.