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6102 Fundraising

It is the policy of the Seattle School Board to authorize fundraising activities where such activities: 

  1. Further promote education and provide educational experiences for District students;  
  1. Address local funding needs or obligations to support the District’s Strategic Plan and extracurricular programs and activities or its schools; and/or 
  1. Promote the effective, efficient, or safe management and operation of the District. 

Fundraising activities shall comply with District cash handling, procurement, fixed assets, and gifts and donations policies.  

Fundraising activities shall not interfere with the operation of school programs and functions. 

Fundraising activities include, but are not limited to:  

  1. Any fundraising activity charging fees; 
  1. Any fundraising activity characterized as a “business enterprise” activity; 
  1. Any fundraising activity using donated personal items or services for an auction; 
  1. Any fundraising activity that requires contracting with a third-party vendor or promoter; 
  1. Any fundraising activity involving the production and/or sale of goods or services, such as a Career and Technical Education; 
  1. Any fundraising activity selling surplus school personal property; and 
  1. Any fundraising activity through online sites, such as DonorsChoose, which are permissible to use to solicit non-cash donations of supplies, material or equipment. 

Seattle Public Schools fundraising activities shall not conflict with any applicable law, state or federal constitutional provisions including the separation of church and state, or violate Seattle Public Schools policies and procedures, including Policy No. 3530, Fundraising Activities Involving Students, Policy No. 4237, Advertising and Commercial Activities, and Policy No. 6700, the Distribution and Sale of Competitive Foods.  The Superintendent or his or her designee is authorized to make final decisions on what constitutes an appropriate fundraising activity.  

This policy governs the establishment and administration of fundraising for the Seattle Public Schools’ general fund, or individual schools, and for educational programs, activities, and opportunities. This policy does not address fundraising programs conducted by the Parent Teacher Association, Parent Teacher Student Association or other non-profit organizations. Fundraising by the Associated Student Body is addressed in RCW 28A.325.030 and is also governed by Policy No. 3510, Associated Student Bodies, and Superintendent Procedure No. 3510SP.