Seattle Public Schools

3130 Student Assignment and Enrollment

It is the policy of the Seattle School Board that students shall have the opportunity to attend an elementary, middle or high school in a designated attendance area based upon home address, unless the school designated by a student’s home address does not have the appropriate services for the student’s needs, as determined by the school district. In such instances, the student shall be assigned to a school that has the appropriate services. It is expected that most students will have the opportunity to attend their attendance area school.

Families may apply for assignment to a school in a different attendance area or a school that does not have a designated attendance area, but admission to such a school is not guaranteed. Assignment to these schools shall be based on an open application process and, in the case of more applicants than space available for students, an established set of tiebreakers shall apply.

When registering a student without a legal residence, the school district will comply with Policy No. 3115, Students Experiencing Homelessness: Enrollment Rights and Services.

When the district receives information from the parent/guardian, student, or an agency that a student has a history of disciplinary actions, criminal or violent behavior, or other behavior that indicates the student could be a threat to the safety of staff or students, the district will comply with all applicable legal statutes including RCW 13.40.215 (enrollment of student found to have committed a violent, sex offense, and/or stalking crime).

The Superintendent or their designee is authorized to develop procedures to implement this policy.