Seattle Public Schools

3126 Child Custody

It is the policy of the Seattle School Board that the district presumes that the person who enrolls a student in school is the residential parent/guardian of the student and that the residential parent/guardian is responsible for decisions regarding the day-to-day care and control of the student.  

The district, unless informed otherwise, assumes that (1) there are no restrictions regarding the nonresidential parent’s/guardian’s right to be kept informed of the student’s school progress and activities; (2) the residential parent and nonresidential parent have the right to make joint decisions about the education of the student; and (3) either parent may make emergency decisions affecting the health or safety of the student. If restrictions are made relative to the above rights, the residential parent/guardian needs to submit a signed copy of the court order which curtails these right(s) to the student’s building administrator.  

Unless there are court-imposed restrictions, the nonresidential parent/guardian, upon request, will be given educational records, including but not limited to, grade reports, notices of school activities, reports of disciplinary actions, or notices of teacher or principal conferences or summaries. 

If there is a court order and/or parenting plan on file with the district that restricts and/or prohibits a student’s contact with any parent or other person, or allocates decision-making authority between parents, the district will abide by the terms of that court order and/or parenting plan.