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3121 Attendance

It is the policy of the Seattle School Board that consistent attendance is essential to the Seattle Public Schools mission of academic excellence for every student in every school. Students who miss critical instruction in key concepts quickly fall behind in school and are less likely to achieve academic success. Accordingly, school attendance is mandatory, and unexcused absences and truancy are prohibited within Seattle Public Schools. To combat unexcused absences and truancy, all Seattle Public Schools are dedicated to providing racially, culturally, and age appropriate instruction and interventions and supports to remove barriers to consistent daily attendance. Furthermore, all Seattle Public Schools are dedicated to increasing the meaningful involvement of families in all aspects of their students’ lives, including in the reduction of absences. 

Seattle Public Schools believes that school-based interventions and supports allow schools to address the needs and barriers of specific students, and allow families to become directly involved in their student’s school life. Additionally, centrally-based interventions and supports are an important supplement to school-based interventions. Generally, judicial action will be the final intervention utilized. 

The Superintendent or his or her designee is granted the authority to develop procedures in order to implement this policy.