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2140 Guidance, Counseling and Support Services

The Seattle School Board recognizes that guidance and counseling is an important part of the district’s total program of instruction and is important to achieving the district’s mission of academic excellence and success for all students. The district will provide counseling and guidance services in accordance with state laws and regulations, ethical standards, and district policies and procedures. However, the Board recognizes that the ability to offer these services may be influenced by budget limitations.  

The Board believes school counselors serve a vital role in maximizing student achievement and supporting a safe, compassionate learning environment. In the Seattle School District, the purpose of the school counselor is to provide comprehensive, developmental counseling services that address the academic, career and social/emotional development of all students and is based on the national standards for school counseling programs of the American School Counselor Association.  

It is the goal of the Board that the district’s comprehensive school guidance and counseling program will assist every student in acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to become a responsible citizen who is college and career ready and a lifelong learner.  

Within budgetary limitations, the Board will provide resources to support the foundation, content, and continuous improvement of a comprehensive K-12 school counseling program, consistent with best practices described in state and national models. All school counseling programs will include the following elements: guidance curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services, and systems support for the counseling program. The Superintendent or his/her designee is granted the authority to develop procedures to implement this policy.