Seattle Public Schools

2125 Sexual Health Education

Seattle Public Schools provides comprehensive sexual health education to each student as required by state law (RCW 28A.300.475).

“Comprehensive sexual health education” is defined in state law to mean recurring instruction in human development and reproduction that is age-appropriate and inclusive of all students, regardless of their protected class status under chapter 49.60 RCW.

Students in grades K-3 receive social-emotional learning instruction consistent with learning standards and benchmarks adopted by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction under RCW 28A.300.478. Students in grades 4-12 receive comprehensive sexual health education that includes information as required by state law.

The Superintendent or their designee will provide any parent or legal guardian the opportunity to review the comprehensive sexual health education curriculum provided in their child’s school by filing a written request and will provide information on excluding their child from sexual health education. The Board designates the Superintendent or their designee to receive and grant parent/guardian written requests for their child to be excused from planned instruction in comprehensive sexual education as required by RCW 28A.300.475.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent to establish procedures to implement this policy.