Seattle Public Schools

1430 Audience Participation

The Board recognizes the importance of involving members of the public in its meetings and the value of public comment to support Board oversight, decision-making, and policy development. In order to permit fair and orderly expression of public comment, except in emergency situations, the Board will provide a period at each regular meeting during which members of the public may address the Board. Further, the Board may schedule special hearings to receive additional public testimony, for topics of special public interest or as required by law.

Written and oral comment will be accepted. Individuals wishing to be heard by the Board shall comply with the rules as described by Board Procedure 1430BP.

Individuals who may need an accommodation to participate in a regular or special Board meeting, including those with disabilities or those requiring language interpretation services, should contact the School Board’s office as soon as possible, and no later than two days before a regular meeting, so that arrangements for the accommodation can be made. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate requests made less than 48 hours in advance of a meeting.