Seattle Public Schools

1113 Board Member Residency

School board directors are responsible for ensuring they fulfill all residency requirements as stated in this policy and as provided in state law.

State law requires that a director must remain a resident and registered voter of the Seattle School District to serve as a school board director. If a director’s residence changes to a place outside the district, the director’s eligibility to serve ends and their position is vacant under state law.

Additionally state law, including statutes listed below, limits the eligibility of directors to continue serving if a director’s residence changes to a different director district within the Seattle School District.

The Seattle School Board requires that directors communicate all changes in their residency/voter registration as they occur to the Superintendent, Board President, School Board Office, and General Counsel regardless of whether the changes in residency/voter registration are known to impact the director’s eligibility to serve.

Directors may also be responsible, under state law or other district policies and procedures, for providing additional notifications outside the scope of this policy (e.g., updating voter registration with King County, updating district payroll and human resources departments, etc.).