Seattle Public Schools

1010 Oversight and Progress Monitoring

Seattle Public Schools is committed to upholding our community’s vision and values for public education in the district. To do so, the Board will provide oversight and progress monitoring of district performance to evaluate alignment with the community’s vision and progress towards adopted goals. 

Student Outcomes Focused Governance 

The Board shall establish and maintain Student Outcomes Focused Governance Goals and Guardrails. These Goals and Guardrails shall be aligned with the district’s strategic plan and based on the community’s vision and values for Seattle Public Schools’ students and district strategies to improve student outcomes.  

Progress Monitoring 

The Board and the Superintendent understand that district oversight is the responsibility of the Board as a whole, not of individual Board members.  

The Superintendent will establish a student outcomes focused progress monitoring framework and mechanisms to inform the Board regarding progress toward the outcome goals and adherence to the guardrails. The progress monitoring framework may include or be incorporated into other reporting requirements mandated by policy and law, including, but not limited to RCW 28A.655.100, RCW 28A.655.110, and Chapter 180-105 WAC.  

The Superintendent or their designee shall develop procedures for this policy.