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0010 Instructional Philosophy

The Board of Directors of Seattle Public Schools believes that every student should be given the opportunity to learn at grade level and beyond, and the School Board is committed to ensuring that all students will be afforded the opportunity to fulfill their potential and graduate from high school ready for career, college, and life.  We recognize that career -and college- ready expectations, goals and standards are appropriate for all students.  Student success will be encouraged through a concerted effort toward these goals by district professionals and School Board members, in partnership with students, families, the community, and other elected officials.  It is the moral imperative of the School Board and the Superintendent to ensure that all students receive an education that meets these goals:  

We are committed to:  

  • High academic expectations and standards for all students and by all staff;  
  • An engaging, rewarding, and challenging curriculum that provides all students with an opportunity to meet or exceed learning standards, multiple career and college possibilities, as well as opportunities to enrich their lives;  
  • Effective, inspired and culturally responsive teaching; measurable outcomes; meaningful, formative, and appropriate assessment; professional development; and continuous progress at the individual student, school, and district levels;  
  • A meaningful variety of opportunities and support services designed to promote the full development of each student’s attributes, including social/emotional capabilities to ensure that all students can meet or exceed state and district learning standards;  
  • Basic education designed to provide a broad-based, culturally responsive education in areas not measured by state or federally mandated standardized tests, such as music, visual and performing arts, physical education, career and technical educations, and social-emotional learning; 
  • Process to identify struggling students an those who arrive underprepared, diagnose barriers and deficiencies, and deliver instruction designed to accelerate their learning, with the ultimate goal of eliminating any opportunity gaps; 
  • A goal that all students will: develop and demonstrate creative and critical thinking skill; communicate their ideas and understandings effectively; use technology effectively and responsibly; and achieve at levels that meet or exceed state and district learning standards; and  
  • Schools that provide a safe, secure, and supportive environment. 

We believe that in addition to effective academic support structures and efficient operations, key drivers of student success are family commitment, community collaboration, and high quality and visionary leadership.