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    Student Usernames

    In August 2019, all student usernames changed to a new format to enable students to keep their same username throughout their enrollment in Seattle Public Schools.

    Please visit The Source to obtain student usernames. New students will receive their user name and default password from their school. If you need to login before in-person classes begin, please contact your school for assistance.


    Student Username Example

    Student Name: Joe William Smith

    Student Username: 1jwsmith ('1,' first name initial, middle name initial, last name)
    Students who have similar names will have slight changes to this format. Read more about alternate student usernames.

    Student Email:
    Read more about student email accounts.


    Student usernames standards: Prior to August 2019, student usernames were XYZ_jwsmith. The 3-letter prefix and underscore were replaced by the number 1. For example "XYZ_jwsmith" becomes "1jwsmith."

    If you had numbers at the end of your username, for example, "XYZ_gcwashington002."  The new format will remove the leading '0's and, in this example, your new username will be: "1gcwashington2."


    Forgotten Student Passwords

    If you forgot your current password but remember the previous password, you can reset it by visiting

    If you do not remember any previous passwords, please ask your teacher or school librarian to help you.


    Students with District Laptops

    To log onto student laptops at home, students enter their SPS username. Example: 1jrsmith and password.

    If students are unable to log on or need assistance: please call or email our tech support team. The team is available, Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

    Please call: 206-252-0100
    Please email


    Login Links for Online Tools for Students and Families

    The Source

    The Source

    Office 365

    Office 365

    Student Portal

    Clever: Student Portal