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    Jon Fox

    Jon Fox HeadshotJonathan Fox joins Lincoln from Jane Addams Middle School, where he has taught language arts since JAMS opened in 2014. He’s thrilled to relive the energizing challenge of building a new school and couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to work with high school students, which is what drew him to teaching in the first place. A creative writing and lit major in college, and a freelance writer and editor after graduating, Mr. Fox comes to the classroom with a dual appreciation of the joy and utility of artful, lucid writing and close, thoughtful reading. He’s currently reading Karl Ove Knausgaard’s seven volume mega-novel My Struggle, and he’ll probably still be reading it when Lincoln opens in 2019.

    Jen Fox 

    My name is Jen Fox and I am thrilled to join the Lincoln HS Design Team.  I want to help shape a school that empowers students to become thoughtful, creative and individual contributors to both our local and global communities.  To accomplish this, Lincoln will require a robust science program to support all learners to achieve their goals.  I have been a science educator with Seattle Public Schools for 18 years.  During this time, I have worked as a middle and high school science teacher as well as a high school science instructional coach.   Currently, I teach high school biology to 8th grade students at Hamilton International Middle School.  I serve on both the SPS High School and Middle School Science Alignment Teams, Hamilton Science Department Chair and member of the SPS High School Biology Collaborations.   I believe students learn science best when given a chance to work collaboratively through scientific investigations, analyze data and discuss their ideas to explain scientific concepts. 

     I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, graduated with B.S from University of Washington, M.Ed from Western Washington University and have been a Nationally Board Certified Teacher since 2007.  Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family, including two school-aged children in Seattle Public Schools.    

    Michaela Peterson 

    Michaela Peterson HeadshotI love teaching science to high school students.  They have strong, creative, exciting ideas about our world and science, and I feel especially lucky to have a job where students share their ideas with me.  I learn as much from them as they do from me!  I’m especially excited to be part of the team working to open Lincoln High School.  I look forward to the opportunity to help guide the vision and framework of a new school with a focus on equity and interdisciplinary learning. In my current school (Center School), I wear multiple hats as the Head of Department, CLT, MTSS, and BLT member. I’m also in the last year of my National Boards, working to hone my teaching practice.  In my personal life, I am an active SCUBA diver, with an interest in citizen science (which I hope to bring to the Lincoln community.) I yearn for the mountains and the ocean in equal parts, spending much of my summers in Montana, where I grew up.  I live in general harmony in North Seattle with my husband, two teens (who also dive), two cats, bearded dragon and fire-bellied newt. 

    Daniel Noyes 

    Dan Noyes HeadshotDaniel Noyes has logged more than 20 years teaching social studies, ELL and academic writing. Out of all the levels that he has taught, he is particularly endeared to teaching High School, since it is those teenage years that see students emerge as adults, whether they want to or not. It's especially rewarding to see students become aware the world is bigger than their own perspective. He is excited to be at Lincoln, not just because his father graduated there in the 50s, but because starting in a new school means that you can design learning experiences that truly prepare all students to be ready for that all essential political Office of Citizen. 

    Stephanie Taylor

    Stephanie Taylor HeadshotI feel that creativity, humor, and acceptance of others are the keys to a good life.  I am very excited to be part of the new Lincoln High School.  When I was young, I taught at a program that was only five years old, and then a few years later, I taught at a high school that was only ten years old.  At that time, I wondered what it would be like to be part of the beginning of a new high school.  I have always wanted to be part of something like this.  I taught English Language Arts at Garfield and sponsored the student literary magazine.  I began a tradition of Coffeehouses to go along with the literary magazine.  At the request of students, I was the faculty sponsor for the Chinese Lion Dance and the Harry Potter club.  I am open to sponsoring clubs that students would like to have.   I have National Board Certification and am College-Board trained in Advanced Placement.  I received my BA and MA in English from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. 

    Katie Hathaway

    Katie Hathaway Headshot I will be joining the Lincoln team in the World Language Department teaching Spanish. I am so excited to help build and create an enthusiastic team of language teachers. Being able to speak a second language is essential for the future of our students, and I truly enjoy helping students get there.


    I am currently finishing my 7th year in teaching, three years at the high school level here in Seattle at Garfield and Roosevelt, before that I taught at the middle school level in Arizona. I completed my Masters in Education from the University of Arizona in 2011, and from 2007-2009 I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nicaragua.

    Lisamarie Mandapat

    LisamarieAloha! I'm Lisamarie Mandapat. I grew up in Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in English. I've wanted to teach and work in education ever since I was kindergarten! In college, I joined the JumpStart Americorps Program and the Pipeline Project which allowed me the opportunity to work in several different pre-schools, middle schools and high schools around Washington for all 4 years of college. After college I moved to Oahu, Hawai'i and starting working at a Title 1 school. I taught in a special education resource room for a couple years and while teaching I earned my Masters Degree in the Science of Educational Studies from Johns Hopkins University. I fell in love with special education and stayed in Hawai'i an extra 2 years helping my school in Hawai'i completely retructure and develop the Special Education Department into a sustainable system. I'm now running the department, training all new teachers and educational assistants. I will be moving back to my hometown of Seattle this summer and very excited to help develop the department at Lincoln High School (where my mother graduated!)