K-5 Math Curriculum Survey

Summary: Please completed the K-5 math curriculum survey to share your opinions for the math instructional materials adoption.

Take the K-5 Math Curriculum Survey

Seattle Public Schools is choosing a new K-5 math curriculum for the 2022-23 school year, and we need your input! Our goal is to select materials that not only can be used across the entire district, but are also culturally responsive, rigorous, and current. We want to know what YOU think is important in a math curriculum.

We invite all SPS families and community members to complete the K-5 Math Needs Survey to help us prioritize what you think is most important.

Please share your values regarding our new math materials. Your opinion will help determine how math is taught throughout the district, the types of assignments and homework students are given, and what supports will be included for families. Your input will help to meet the needs of all students in Seattle Public Schools.

To help us build a better math future for all our students, please complete this survey today. Take the K-5 Math Curriculum Survey.

This survey is part of the K-5 Math Instructional Materials Adoption, which will study instructional materials for students in elementary grades. Learn more about K-5 Math Instructional Materials Adoption.

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