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Exposure Notification

COVID-19 Exposure Notification Process Update

Last week, you received a message from us letting you know that per the Department of Health, only families of students with medically fragile or complex health conditions would be notified of potential COVID-19 exposure.

We recognize the need for families with a person who is at high risk for severe illness – whether that is a student or someone in their household – to know when the risk of exposure has occurred at school. As a result, we are updating our processes to ensure that each school has a system in place for alerting the school community when there is a positive case.

The exposure notification process is different at the elementary and secondary levels. Here is what you can expect:

Elementary School Exposure Notifications

Students in kindergarten – 5th grade

  • If you have a student in elementary school (or kindergarten – 5th grade in a K-8), your child’s entire class will be notified if there has been a potential exposure to COVID-19 in their classroom or on a school bus.

Secondary School Exposure Notifications

Students in grades 6th – 12th

  • Because secondary students are mobile throughout the school day, it is challenging to identify specific students who have been exposed. As a result, K-8, middle and high schools will send weekly notifications to all families to inform you about a positive case(s) in the school setting.
  • If your student has a medically fragile or complex health condition, you will receive a separate notification from the school nurse or designee if they were exposed to COVID-19 in the school setting.

You can notify your school nurse by phone, email, or note if you have a student with a medically fragile or complex health condition.

Thank you for joining us in an ongoing commitment to help keep our students, staff, and communities safe and healthy. If you have any questions, please contact us using Let’s Talk.

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