Application for the Clean Energy Task Force

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The Seattle Public Schools (SPS) superintendent seeks community members to form a task force to develop an implementation plan and accountability process for the Climate Change resolution and related resolutions and policies. See the Clean Energy Task Force Charter.

This task force will develop of a 10-year plan for making significant strides toward reaching the goal of being 100% clean energy by 2040 and going forward to reach full decarbonization by 2050.  It will make project recommendations that coordinate with the district’s adopted levy schedules so those projects can be included for future construction. 

Task force findings will inform how the district supports integrated environmental justice and climate change mitigation to advance racial, educational and economic equity and justice for all of our schools and students.

The task force will inform how to meet these goals through prioritizing infrastructure investments in highest need schools, support strong labor and community workforce agreements for underserved communities, and explore ways that SPS can support the resilience of the district’s communities in response to climate change impacts.

The task force’s scope of work will include:

  1. Participate in orientation, including anti-racist and implicit bias trainings.
  2. Ongoing active participation and attendance to meetings including providing input and insight to the topics covered in meetings.
  3. Review and analyze the significant body of work the district has already completed and use it as a starting point for your work. Provision of additional data, expertise and opinion is encouraged.
  4. Identify any key partnerships and organizations that may be useful as part of the task force, either as a member or as a presenting party. Solicit additional expertise as needed but be mindful of the overall timeline of the task force charter.
  5. Utilize assessments provided by consultants, specialists, and staff on the range of topics outlined in the Clean Energy Resolution.
  6. Organize findings and develop a reasonable and financially responsible prioritized plan to meet the District’s decarbonization milestones. Identify areas of costs and savings and how they might offset. Recommendations should be based on data and proven theory of action. Documentation of support will be incorporated into the final report.
  7. Identify methodology for ensuring educational and racial equity by the delivery of identified projects, techniques and methodology.
  8. Prepare a final report and recommendations.
  9. Present findings to district superintendent who will then forward it onto the School Board by January 2023.

Due to the technical nature of the work of this task force, the district will recruit and vet community members with expertise, prior experience, and/or knowledge of the related subject matter.

This knowledge base may include, but not be limited to: environmental justice, racial justice, urban planning, economic justice, resource conservation (energy, water, waste, recycling), equity-based budgeting, construction, logistics, transportation, school district operations, and curriculum development. The task force will be supported by SPS staff, a technical support consultant, and a meeting facilitator.

The task force will be comprised of students, teacher and parent representatives, community stakeholders, clean energy experts, labor partners, tribal representatives, and other relevant professionals. Community members and groups who have not historically been included or represented in district decision-making processes, including women, people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQ+ people, are encouraged to apply.

The task force will convene in November 2021, and work to deliver its recommendation to the School Board by January 2023. Meeting dates and times will be determined in collaboration with the selected members and district staff, but it is expected there will be monthly, 90-minute meetings, through January 2023 at the John Stanford Center or other locations as determined by the task force and noticed to the public. Remote meetings may be required.

Please note: Seattle Public Schools is a public agency, and information you share on this application form is subject to public disclosure as requested.

Please tell us a little about yourself. Please complete this application by Friday, October 8, 2021.

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