Advanced Learning Family Survey

Summary: The Advanced Learning family survey will be sent to all K-8 families on January 19.

Family Survey to Help Determine Eligibility for Advanced Learning Services

Advanced learning family survey is on the way!

This year, all students in grades K-8 will be automatically considered for advanced learning services. To help us learn about your child’s talents and strengths, we’re requesting you fill out a brief family/guardian survey, which will be emailed to you on January 19.

At SPS, we know and value that students are more than grades or test scores. Responses to this survey will be one of multiple measures of criteria used to determine eligibility for advanced learning services for the 2022-23 school year.

We’re changing the way we provide advanced learning services over time, to ensure that the brilliance of every student is honored and supported, particularly those furthest from educational justice.

While adjustments will provide more equitable learning opportunities for all students, we want to assure families that every student currently enrolled in advanced learning will continue on their existing path.

December 20 Update

The Advanced Learning department’s family/guardian survey will soon be sent to families. The family Advanced Learning survey results will help the Advanced Learning team determine student eligibility for services.

This is a tool used to gather information on students’ strengths, needs, and cultural wealth in order to fully understand a student’s needs for Highly Capable services. The survey will ensure SPS stays committed to creating opportunities for all students, including those furthest from educational justice.  

Important dates: 

  • January 19: Survey sent out via email to all families of K-8 students. 
  • February 25: Survey closes at February 25, 11:59 p.m.

Once the survey closes, the Advanced Learning department will begin to review results and prepare findings to determine eligibility. More information will be provided regarding next steps in 2022.  

Read more about Advanced Learning at SPS.

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