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    Facilities Master Plan Review Task Force

    Seattle Public Schools is seeking representatives to support the school board’s oversight of capital planning by reviewing elements of the district’s draft long range Facility Master Plan. The Facilities Master Plan is currently in development with the draft planned for introduction to the school board in June 2018 with approval planned for in August 2018.

    Per School Board Policy No. 6901, Capital Levy Planning, the Facilities Master Plan (FMP) should be approved by the school board, and the FMP is the basis for the development of capital levy programs.

    Read the task force charge.

    Role of the Task Force

    The role of the task force is to assist in reviewing information, data and analysis of the Facilities Master Plan.

    The task force will provide recommendations to the board primarily in two areas:

    • Identification of the areas of the district where enrollment projections and capacity analysis project the most pressing building capacity needs over the next six (6) years,
    • Validation of the “scoring and relative ranking of proposed projects” that is included in the FMP and should be approved by the Board per Policy No. 6901.


    The task force will be made up of up to 20 members including district employees and community members. The membership shall provide for a diverse representation of the district’s many different communities. Because of the short time frame for this work and the technical nature of review that is needed, previous engagement in related committees and/or and expertise in enrollment projections and facilities planning will be prioritized for selection.

    Responsibilities of Family/Community Representative(s)

    • Prepare for meetings by reviewing provided materials in advance of scheduled meetings
    • Attend and participate in scheduled meetings
    • Bring an open mind, a passion for student learning, and a willingness to engage in inquiry, meaningful dialogue, and collaboration.
    • The work of the task force will be grounded in the board and district’s priority of Educational and Racial Equity through the use of the Racial Equity toolkit and will begin the work with a training on racial equity.

    Expected Schedule and Timeline for Task Force

    The task force is short term. It will convene June 2018, and conclude work prior to the planned approval of the Facility Master Plan in August 2018. Meeting dates and times will be determined in collaboration with the selected members and district staff, but expected to be 3-6 meetings in June through August 2018 at the John Stanford Center or other locations as determined by the task force and noticed to the public.