Imagine a fresh class of African American Grade 3 students starting school in the Fall of a new school year.

Come Spring of the same year, fewer than half of those 3rd graders would have met Reading proficiency standards. The other half won’t.

The next Fall, when another group of bright-eyed African American 3rd graders entered our schools, the same pattern was repeated: about half would make it, while the other half lagged behind.

Now, imagine that pattern occurring not just for Grade 3 students, but for virtually every class of African American students in Grades 3 through 10 ... year after year after year.

Those effects have persisted for far too long. And while some of our schools are already producing significantly improved outcomes for African American males and other students of color, our opportunity, now, is to address root causes, so that all schools assure excellence in education for every student.

The suspension/expulsion rate for African-American students was four times higher than for White students in 2013-14.

The overall district suspension/expulsion rate and the rate for African American students are below statewide averages, and we are improving faster than the state as a whole. Despite our progress, much more work is needed to improve equity and proportionality in student discipline. Students who are suspended miss critical days of school. Suspensions interrupt the flow of learning for students who cannot afford to be absent from school.

African American students and other students of color received a high school diploma at a significantly lower rate than their White counterparts. While about 17 out of every 20 White students graduate from high school each year, only about 13 out of every 20 African American; 11 out of every 20 Hispanic/Latino or American Indian students complete high school in four years.

all student meeting state standards grid

white student meeting state standards grid

african american student meeting state standards grid

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